Must-Have Sports Accessories for Smartphones


If you go to the gym or just take a stroll in the park in the morning, you will notice that many people who are sweating their hearts out are not only bringing along sports gear and apparel, but also their smartphones. No need for a workout buddy; more and more people are choosing smartphones instead.

sports activity: young adult cyclist riding mountain bike and text messaging on cellphone. Horizontal shape, low angle view, copy spaceThey know that workout tunes are not enough for the perfect workout. They also need to keep track of their jogging route, the amount of calories burned, and even the rate of their heartbeat. To help you with your workout, take a look at these accessories for your smartphone.

LifeProof Case

This case can withstand water to a depth up to 2 meters. It can also handle strong water jets, so your smartphone is protected. With this accessory, you can now dive in with your smartphone to take pictures. Moreover, the LifeProof case is double-coated and does not reflect light because of the optical glass on its lens. It costs $103.65.

Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2

This accessory has sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. It can measure your heartbeat during a heavy cardiovascular workout. Measuring your heart rate is very important, because most people tend to exceed the limit of their hearts. This accessory connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth. Its app partner can also be programmed to notify you when to stop and when to go on. It’s like your own workout coach, available for $74.90.

iBike Powerhouse

If you are a cyclist, then this is a very smart accessory. It costs $279. It is not only a simple phone case with a mount, but it has a lot of programs on its app partner. It also has an ANT+ sensor to measure your speed while cycling. With its app, you can also watch instructional videos created by professional cyclists.

Nike+ FuelBand

This accessory is very expensive ($149). However, it is not only an accessory; it is also, in itself, an ecosystem. When you use this accessory with its app partner, it can track all your actions and convert them into data. It can measure your level of activities. You can also set what you want to accomplish for the day and share the data with your friends. Its design is great too! It looks futuristic because of its LED lights.

Oh, by the way, it is also water-proof, so you can wear it while taking a shower or if you get caught in the rain. It’s not for swimming though.

Belkin EaseFit Plus

You know it is very difficult to exercise with your smartphone in your pocket. It might fall off while you’re jogging. Why not solve this problem by getting an armband to keep your smartphone with you but sweat-free? Belkin EaseFit Plus is made of a light yet very absorbent material, making it breathable and washable. Any smartphone can fit in snugly. One armband costs $24.99.


So these are some accessories that can turn your smartphone into your workout buddy. What’s the best accessory for your exercise routine?


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