Protect Your iPad Mini With These Cases


protect_your_ipad_mini_with_these_casesDon’t you just hate it when your iPad Mini gets a scratch on the screen or its back after you put it in your bag with your keys, pens, and other junk? You love your iPad, but once it is damaged beyond repair, the only thing to do is to sell your iPad Mini, right? The best way to protect your iPad Mini from getting damaged in the first place is by getting a case. But of course you do not want to lose your fashion sense with a badly-designed iPad Mini case. Try one of these to keep your iPad Mini and fashion reputation damage-free.

Glamour and Glitz

Glitz and Glam Casing

This case from BoxWave is designed to protect your iPad Mini’s back and sides. Typically, women, especially teenagers will love the designs of these cases because of the color choices and style with all the gemstones attached to it. It has all the openings that your iPad Mini needs, like for the camera and ports. You can choose pink, purple, black or blue. One case costs $20.

Padova Mini

This case from Orbino costs a pretty penny with a price tag of $209 to $689. The high price comes from the premium hand-stitched leather. It also has a brushed-metal button and a front cover. The case also allows you to view your iPad Mini in either landscape or portrait orientation because of its special removable stand. You can choose leather (calfskin, brown, pecan or deep-red bark-tanned) or other exotic skins like crocodile and ostrich. You can also choose its color.

Candy Convertible

on the boxes SD

This case is designed by Hard Candy and it costs $45. It has a beautiful faux-nubuck material that makes it feel and look like animal skins (PETA does not have to worry). Its holes are precisely placed so you do not have to worry about your iPad Mini’s cameras and ports. Colors include red and black.

Enduro Mini


Designed by Padacs, the Enduro Mini is just a redo of the Enduro case for the 9.7-inch iPad. Just like the larger one, this case has a rechargeable battery that can make your iPad Mini’s battery power up to 125 percent. Don’t worry; it doesn’t add to the bulk or weight. You can use this case to view your iPad Mini in landscape or portrait mode. Color options are black, blue or pink with leather designed to minimize losing your grip. An Enduro Mini costs $60.

Incline 360

Incline 360

The Incline costs $45. Designed by M-Edge, this case features portfolio style and is made of microfiber leather with a micro-suede interior to keep your iPad Mini safe. It also has a micro-suction cup to keep the cover in place even when not in use. Colors include pink or red. If you like the microfiber leather design but you want something sturdier to prevent you from later selling a broken iPad Mini, then get the Profile, which costs $40 and has a core made of fiberglass.

Extra Protection:



The LumaGuard, which is more like a back screen cover, from Luma 13 costs $24 to $34. It is a soft PVC protective film designed to protect the back part of your iPad Mini from scratches and dents. It’s shaped the same as the iPad Mini, so there is nothing to worry about as far as portability. It comes in clear, black, red, white, blue or aluminum white.


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