It Is Good to Recycle and Sell Playbook


It Is Good to Recycle and Sell PlaybookOld tablet PCs are a common sight in most homes right now. We upgrade gadgets as fast as computer manufacturers are releasing their newer and faster models. We love having new things and enjoy having the latest tablet PCs and other computer peripherals to tinker with. What we do not realize is that when these discarded, unused, old tablet PCs, laptops and gadgets which we consider trash are not disposed of properly, they can drastically harm our environment.

These kinds of items require special care in their disposal because of the materials that they are made of. The metallic parts in their circuit boards could corrode and the liquid could seep into our soil and reach our water systems. A whole bunch of it would contaminate our water source. Don’t risk contamination. Just sell that Playbook that you don’t use to companies that specialize in recycling these items. Yes, you can get paid for recycling things. Now that you know that, it is time to sort through your old stuff and send the electronics to the nearest recycling center. This way, you not only earn money but you are also helping save the environment. If you do not have the time to drive to a recycling center, you can sell your Playbook online through It’s hassle free because you can ship your Playbook and other electronic items to them for free! It is fast, easy and very convenient.

Remember, when you sell Playbooks and other old, unused and broken tablet PCs for recycling, you are doing your share in helping save the environment. It might be a small step but if we all do the same and contribute to this endeavor, it will make a big impact. The issue for Playbook users who want to upgrade to the second generation Playbook is the availability of apps that work well with the device. Playbook runs on its own OS, and most of the time, app developers make versions of their apps for the BB OS as more of an afterthought. Here are some apps that run great on the Playbook:

Blaq ($1.99)

For heavy users of microblogging sites, this Twitter client is a must for Playbook owners. What makes it great is its beautiful user interface, which lets you enjoy using Twitter, and its ability to handle multiple accounts, at least for those who have more than one Twitter personality.

GeeReader Pro ($1.99)

For those who want an app that works as efficiently as the Google Reader RSS feeds all day, this app is for you. It can handle a lot of feeds without difficulty, and its syncing ability with Google Reader online is commendable. Options for reading articles are also available.

Evernote (Free)

The Playbook Evernote app is a Johnny-come-lately and worse, is not as developed as its iOS and Android sisters. You can still load it onto your device if you want to enjoy all the features of this amazing app.

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