Do Smartphones Make You Lose Your Etiquette?


do_smartphones_make_you_lose_your_etiquetteWe know that sports has been a general domain for boys and men, but how far will that fondness go if it makes our Adam lose his ethical orientation?

I remember the AT&T commercial in which a couple is on a romantic dinner at a plush bistro or restaurant, but the guy seems to be preoccupied with something else: He keeps on eyeing his device, in furtive amusement of the on-going football game on his iPhone.

The effects of technology are a double-edged sword. Our phones are used to communicate with people, in the hopes that despite the distance and unavailability of close human presence, a connection will still be established. But in the case of the sports lover guy having a conversation with his lady love, ties can be severed because of the distraction that is his iPhone. I know it's okay to give in to our temptation when it comes to using our gadgets, but using it also entails some social responsibilities. If the gadget is used to detach a person from his values, then the ultimate purpose of technology is already defeated- the leverage to make our lives better and easier.

According to an article on PC World that also tackles the same issue- bad behavior flouting proper social conventions, a February survey by Motricity and Wakefield Research reveals that 55% of gizmo-addict sports fans have ‘sneaked a peek at their phones during dinner. Apparently, this kind of action is very common across cultures, gender, race, and locations.

The research details that if you secretly check scores when you know it yields reproach, you are not alone.  According to the article, nearly 1 in 4 fans has broken the rules of theater etiquette by checking scores at the movies, roughly 1 in 5 has risked romantic rejection by doing so on a date, and 1 in 7 has risked the wrath of a higher power by doing so at church.

Okay, I am not for spiritual fanaticism but it is totally infuriating to see people tinkering with their gadgets while the priest or pastor is giving his sermon. I mean, when you become affiliated with a certain group, you send a subtle message that you are submitting yourself to following the rules and policies of that group, whatever that may be.

It is crystal clear that mobile gizmos like the smartphones, iPhones, and tablets will play a crucial role in how we keep ourselves posted on our favorite sports scoops. The survey shows that 8 out of 10 fans used their smartphones or tablets to watch their favorite sports last year.

What is more interesting is the revelation that the bathroom is not the only place where you can seek physical comfort or answer the call of nature. The survey says that 50% of sports fans have gone to the restroom not take a pee but take a peek to check scores of their favorite soccer teams or games.

This is exactly what technology brings us- confusion bordering on alienation from the true human nature. Nonetheless, if you want to raise the flag of morality and the only way to do it is to let go of our smartphones, I urge you to sell your smartphone at and get cash for it!

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Yvette Divino

Yvette Divino is an aspiring graphic designer and likes writing about green technology a lot. She is a big fan Paulo Coelho and likes to read novels. She has a degree in Information Technology and is an advocate of green living and electronics recycling. Yvette currently works as gatekeeper of all eCycleBest blogs.

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