Microsoft pulls an Apple; Leaked Windows Blue Build With Limited Improvements


Microsoft pulls an Apple; Leaked Windows Blue Build With Limited ImprovementsSuddenly, Microsoft is in the bandwagon as well.

While Apple has been castigated endlessly for providing facelift updates, here comes Microsoft with its own version of an Apple update. The leaked 2.63 GB big Windows Blue build number 9364 is an update that specifically adds functionality to the inconsistent operating system. Windows 8 owners would be glad to know that installing this leaked build will allow them to resize tiles on Metro into two new sizes.

Innovation just got thrown out of the Windows (forgive the pun). Further start screen (I wonder how they come out with such names, considering that the start button is gone in Windows 8) customizations are made available along with another revolutionary feature: side-by-side app view which is like multitasking tablet style.

It must be kept in mind that this build is unofficial and is still prone to stability issues and other stuff. Daring souls who want to experience the new features can try installing this leaked build at their own risk.The leaked build is available for download on numerous file sharing sites.

With Windows 8 receiving little to zero positive feedbacks, critics of Win8 further point out that all of those purported satisfied users of the said OS are using a hack to enable the start menu which is removed from Windows 8.

The learning curve that a former Windows 7 savvy user needs to learn puts off potential adopters of Microsoft’s latest and greatest and has resulted to negative publicity for the otherwise innovative operating system. The confusing Metro UI has often been pinpointed as the primary reason of the lukewarm reception that Windows 8 received compared to that of windows 7.

Users also lament that despite these upgrades, driver support is still very limited and some applications are not properly optimized to the new operating system. Due to this road bumps, netizens still using Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows continually refer to Windows 8 as the new Windows Vista.

And that’s not a compliment, anyone who has used Vista knows how horrible it is.

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