Differences Between the iPad 3 and the iPad 4


differences_between_the_ipad_3_and_the_ipad_4Many of us believed that we were not going to be surprised by Apple, because we were almost sure that the big reveal was for the iPad Mini. However, there is one thing that did surprise us: The iPad 4. We did not count on its launch this early. We are prepared to sell iPad for the iPad Mini, but for an iPad 4?It was unexpected of Apple to break their traditional annual product release. Apple launched the fourth generation of the iPad, even though the iPad 3 was just released in March.

This new “new iPad” was launched with the iPad Mini, with the name “iPad With Retina Display.” So what makes this latest iPad different from the previous one?



The iPad 3 and the iPad 4 come with the Retina Display technology from Apple. Although they only pack 264 ppi unlike the iPhone 5 and its 326 ppi, the iPad still leads the screen race among tablets.



Although Apple did not upgrade the screen, they did upgrade the front camera. The iPad 3 only came with a 0.3 MP standard definition offering, while the iPad 4 uses the Retina Display to a better capacity for video chatting with its 1.2 MP HD camera.



Just like the iPad 2, the iPad 3 comes with a dual core A5X processor with a quad core GPU. The iPad 4 has the latest A6X processor which offers double the performance of CPU tasks.



The iPad 4 has a battery that lasts 10 hours, but the iPad 3 is no different.

Operating System


The latest operating system from Apple, the iOS 6, was launched with the iPhone 5, so it is not a surprise to see it on the iPad 4. The iPad 3 was released with iOS5.1, but it can be upgraded to iOS 6.



Now that Apple launched the iPad 4, doesn’t that mean the iPad 3 is now cheaper? Wrong. It seems that Apple will be phasing out the iPad 3. Are you not baffled when the official name of the fourth generation is “iPad with Retina Display”? The iPad 3 has Retina Display, so that will be confusing. But then again, the third-gen iPad will be phased out.

The iPad 4 has the same price range as the iPad 3.



The big difference between the two generations of iPads is their connectivity options. The most obvious of these is the 9-pin Lightning dock, which was first introduced on the iPhone 5. It is 80 percent smaller and more durable than the original 30-pin dock. Another difference is that the iPad 4 (Wi-Fi and Cellular model) comes with LTE. Although the iPad 3 came with a 4G, it could not be used in the U.K. British people will enjoy now the fast mobile internet wherever they go with the latest iPad.

So what do you think? Do you think it’s worth it to sell iPad 3 for this latest iPad?

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