Samsung Galaxy Note II: The Fab Phablet


The Samsung Galaxy Note II was released before the first Note even celebrated its first birthday. The Note series, I have to say, is simply a work of genius for Samsung. Although many were skeptical about its first release, the Note series actually attracted a lot of consumers. The Samsung Galaxy Note was welcomed by millions of people. People thought it would be incredibly difficult to surpass the sales of such a great device. But then along came the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

samsung_galaxy_note_ii_the_fab_phabletDespite the original Note being unusually large for a phone, with dimensions of 5.8 by 3.3 by 0.4 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is even larger with dimensions of 5.9 by 3.2 by 0.4 inches. Although the new Note is bigger, it is still smaller than any 7-inch tablet. With such an incredible size, the Note II is aptly named the fab phablet!

Just as the first Note followed the Galaxy S2 smartphone’s design, the second Note follows the rounded rectangular look of the Galaxy S3. The first Note’s screen was really hard to beat. The Note II’s pixel density decreased due to its bigger screen, but the difference is not noticeable. It’s still the same bright and vivid Super AMOLED screen many love, so the photos and texts are beautiful and the colors are simply amazing.


The great thing about this phablet is that it really does feel like a quality tablet/smartphone. Yes, many critics (especially iPhone users) say that it feels like a toy because it’s light and has a plastic feel. But I don’t think so. For a big smartphone, it looks very sleek and sexy.

I think that competitors will definitely find it hard to defeat this phablet. Even now, I cannot think of any smartphone or phablet that can top the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Even the Apple iPhone 5 has no chance of defeating it. Besides, there is no clear competition. Realistically, the first Note is the only other viable competitor in the phablet category. The Note series owns that category, even though cheaper phablets are starting to emerge.

In fact, an LG phablet tried to compete against the Samsung phablet, but the so-called “LG Intuition” wasn’t intuitive enough to attract consumers the way the two Note phablets did.

The only rival of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is really just the original Galaxy Note. Samsung is the company to beat in the market, but for how long? Let’s see what will happen this year, since HTC, Huawei, Sony and ZTE will be entering the phablet arena.

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