What?! Another Smartphone OS?


Today, two operating systems are dominating the market for smartphones: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is also running in this race, while Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS is lagging behind (although it’s expecting to have a huge comeback on January 30 with the BlackBerry 10). But wait! There’s another runner that just joined the race: Ubuntu!

Is It a Good Idea?

what_another_smartphone_osIs it really a good idea for Ubuntu to join at this point? iOS and Android are dominating the world and they cannot be stopped. Both have jam-packed app ecosystems that make any smartphone “smarter.” Both are also continually updating to satisfy customers. Meanwhile, Microsoft is trying their best with an infant Windows Phone 8. Ubuntu will also have to follow RIM’s BlackBerry 10. What if RIM becomes successful again? Is Ubuntu good enough to upstage anyone?

Since there are already four popular operating systems, why would anyone pay attention to a new operating system with a small ecosystem? Besides, the Ubuntu OS isn’t even mainstream for desktops, yet Ubuntu announces that this OS will be good for any computer, regardless of screen size. Yes, an OS that works on all computers is a good idea. No more worries about incompatible devices. But can Ubuntu deliver?

Deja vu

In addition to Ubuntu, there are plans for producing FireFox and Tizen operating systems. Add them to the pack and that makes seven operating systems. This is starting to look like 2009 when there were six mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry.

Yup, there was a huge competition among them. Microsoft and Palm were pushed behind the curtains, while RIM’s spotlight got a bit dimmer. Nokia left Symbian to rot and switched gears to support Microsoft with plans for Windows Phone. Obviously, there’s only room on stage for a few OS stars.

Among FireFox, Ubuntu and Tizen, the first two seem to have a better chance, although it’s undeniable that Samsung, who is planning Tizen’s release, has enough resources to support it.

So is it all about the money, or will history repeat itself? Will the public welcome new operating systems? Well, it’s a new year; let’s see which will prevail!

Alvier Marqueses is a techie blogger for eCycleBest.com who writes stuff about technology, smartphones and gadgets and e-waste recycling. He graduated with a Business Management degree from a university where he never outgrew his intense love of writing. Aside from being a web content writer, he is also the Online Community Manager of eCycle Best’s Social Profiles and Fan Pages. During his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors with his fellow nature trippers.

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