Windows 8 on a Nokia Tablet: For Real?


Windows 8 on a Nokia Tablet: For Real?Lo and behold, the number one smartphone selling company is now being rumored to release the first of its line in tablet computers! Could this be possible? Is it true that the Finnish company, who has been renowned for their chart-topping sales in mobile technology, is now venturing into the portable computers?

Well, it is no doubt that Nokia has the capability and the power to come up with an amazing tablet gadget, and if they do come up with one, the only question would be, “could they live up to the reputation that they have built with the help of their amusing cellular phones?”

Nokia has been the number one leading marketer of cellular phones all over that world for quite a while. They might have been dominated by other smartphone companies in popularity and exclusivity, but still, they rose above to be number one in terms of market sales. Just recently, they showed a return to the scene through a brand new, high-end line of smartphones, the Nokia Lumia. Their new lineup is now Windows-based, making them a highly anticipated competitor in the smartphone industry.

And now that speculations say Nokia will soon be releasing a new tablet, all I can hope for is the best, since this is a debut for Nokia. They have always been focused on creating entertaining cell phones, and people all over the world did not expect so much in terms of innovation and expansion, when it came to their gadgets. But now, Nokia is rumored to prove that they too can compete with all of the tablet computer providers out there.

According to what we have been hearing lately, the rumored Nokia Tablet will be equipped with the new Windows 8, Metro UI, which has been specially designed for tablet computers. The tablet will feature a 10-inch screen and a dual core-processor. Too bad, we do not really know more about this talk-of-the-town gadget, since Nokia’s lips seem to be tightly sealed. All we know is that this new gadget may be the forerunner to compete with the third generation iPad. Some people are already calling it, the “iPad killer.”

These are some heavy remarks! Since we all know how Apple has dominated the world of technology, giving this alleged Nokia tablet such a glorified title brings so much pressure. Not only are we expecting this device to wow us, we hope that it stays the same throughout time, without too much hassle.

The main reason why people are thrilled about this gadget is because of the Windows 8 operating system. With the new and improved OS from Windows, everything became easier and more delectable. It may be similar to the Windows Phone, only now, we get full features! All settings and applications are now synchronized and it even provides options at the start and locked screen. All in all, Windows 8 is comfort at our fingertips, with so much more to offer. No other tablet has ever experienced this incorporation before, and the alleged Nokia Tablet will be the first to ever try, assuming that this rumor will soon become a reality.

I wish Nokia the best in its new venture, and we all hope that Nokia becomes successful in blowing our minds. It would be amazing to have something new out on the market, for gadget lovers and technology aficionados to adore and explore. Let Windows 8 be closer to us, and spread the joy of Windows 8!

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