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Get Rid of Your Overpriced and Overheating Sony Laptop When You Sell It to eCycle Best

Sony laptops are common here at eCycle Best. We have received almost four thousand units over the years for recycling, some with broken displays, a few badly scratched ones. Surprisingly, most are in good condition, aesthetically at least, a testament to the prowess of Sony’s hardware. It’s a pity, though, that most wouldn’t boot up due to a busted processor or hard disk that were damaged when the laptops overheated.

Surely, a user deserves a more future-proof and durable laptop, right?

Three Vaio laptops and cash.

Think About Selling Your Sony Laptop

Sony laptops, especially the Vaio lineup, are very prone to overheating due to their rather sleek and slim aluminium frames. Once a laptop overheats, the first part it strikes is the processor itself which might induce shutdowns or even BSODs (Blue Screen of Death). And once a laptop gets the BSOD, its mother board might be damaged which eventually might render the laptop inoperable.

Also, Sony-made laptops are pricey, almost on par with Apple’s. Cheaper offerings from Lenovo and Acer might be subpar, but then the average consumer couldn’t care less as long as those laptops can surf the ‘net, edit documents, and play movies.

Another, is the problem with newer Vaio models, especially the Vaio Fit. There are widespread reports all over the internet that those models are plagued by mysterious Wi-Fi issues. Affected laptops have been capping speeds, and signal strength diminishes for no apparent reason.

With so many potential and current issues, the best thing for you to do right now is to get rid of your Sony laptop before these issues show up.

Trade-In Your Sony Laptop

If you don’t need cash, you can trade-in your laptop at any Sony Store. As per federal laws, manufacturers are required to accept any laptop returned to them by users and recycle it for free. However, say goodbye to your two thousand dollar investment since the most that Sony can give you is a gift check that might let you enjoy a couple of Taco Bell’s burritos. Or a simple “Thank You” if you’re unlucky. 

Just a side note, though. Don't think that we only accept Sony laptops. You can sell Asus laptop here too!

Where to Sell Your Sony Laptop?

If you have previous experience selling online, eBay and Amazon are the securest and fastest ways to sell your laptop. Amazon and eBay are rather similar in form in that both of them charge a commission fee for every successful transaction. Also, if you’re a newbie, you might find it hard to sell your item since buyers tend to buy only from sellers with a lot of feedback.

If you’re not too keen on using eBay or Amazon, get cash for your Sony laptop via Craigslist. Okay, this is only if you’re willing to risl with your old but relatively-expensive-when-you-first-bought-it-laptop. There are many scammers on Craigslist, but you may easily trade in your old Sony laptop for money if you know how to spot possible scammers.

Here at eCycle Best, you can sell laptops from different brands. For example, you can sell Dell laptop for the best price! 

Laptop recycling bin and cash.

Why Not Recycle Your Sony Laptop?

If you are unsure about selling on eBay or Amazon, posting on Craigslist and returning your laptop to Sony, you can always try eCycle Best. Our company has maximum security and won’t demand a commission fee. The method is very convenient and most of all, secure and safe.

First thing to do is go to and ask for a quote. Then fill out the address form and wait for the free box we’ll send you in 3-5 days. Using that box, send your laptop to us. You don’t have to pay anything because shipping is free!

You will have peace of mind throughout the whole process because your laptop is safe with us. Our company, eCycle Best, is verified by both TRUSTe and VeriSign and we are also a member of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER). We have been in the business for over 10 years and have paid satisfied customers millions of dollars for their old, unwanted, and broken devices.

Furthermore, To sell laptop for it to be recycled is beneficial to the environment as it eliminates potential e-waste. You can recycle your old Sony laptop conveniently this way.

Get a Sony laptop trade-in from eCycle Best. Easy online transaction and premium offers for Sony laptops! Shipping is free! Check out your online quote now and see the amount of cash you can get!




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