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Wise Up and Trade-in Your Toshiba Laptop to eCycle Best

Before Apple became an innovative computer giant, there was Toshiba. Toshiba became famous in the 1990s for pioneering the Libretto line, which are Windows-powered laptops small and light enough to carry in any geek’s backpack. However, Toshiba’s luck drained out after the new millennium. In 2010, it released its first Android laptop, the AC100, and the world’s first dual-touchscreen laptop, the Libretto W100. Sadly, these innovations were left unnoticed by the public.

Nowadays, despite Toshiba’s effort to produce innovative notebooks, the company has garnered the reputation of releasing notebooks that have low quality hardware and software. Last year, the most impressive notebooks were the ultra-widescreen Satellite U845W and the P845-S4200, but low-end Toshiba laptops, especially the U925t and the U845-S402, overshadowed them with ease.

Toshiba laptop in a recycling bin.

Why You Should Sell Toshiba Laptop

Many Toshiba laptops seem like they cannot handle the Windows operating system because you often get the annoying Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). The hardware may not compatible with other parts or the software is too much for the hardware. Any user has to hire a computer expert to solve this problem, but doing so is more expensive than the laptop is worth.

Toshiba users also complain about problems in installing, reinstalling and upgrading Windows. If your laptop is not under a warranty, you will most likely spend a lot of money to solve this installation problem. Another Toshiba problem is when the factory-installed antivirus application does not work properly. Some users opt to buy a more efficient antivirus app like Avast instead of living with the problem.

In addition to the BSoDs and several other operating system problems, a Toshiba laptop is slow in performance. Sometimes it freezes, and this happens more and more to the point where you are forced to upgrade your operating system. Some users also experience problems with memory. Many users complain of insufficient memory even with very few programs installed. While this can be resolved by optimizing the hard disk memory and defragmenting regularly, it may prove to be a bigger problem in the long run. To be safe, you should just visit a repairman, or just sell your Toshiba laptop and buy a new one from, say, Apple or Samsung.

How to Get Cash for Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba is not the only laptop company that releases budget devices. Thanks to the rise of tablet computers, manufacturers are forced to lower the prices of laptops so that consumers will still think about buying the latter over the former.

Federal laws require manufacturers to create a recycling system in which they must accept any laptop, smartphone or tablet returned to them without any cost to users. Toshiba’s recycling program offers a little cash to those who want to trade in their Toshiba laptop. All they have to do is go to a Toshiba center and give the company the laptop. Sadly, if the laptop is not working or is broken, no cash will be given to the user.

Those who already have experience selling on sites like eBay and Amazon know that online bidding is the safest and fastest way to sell their laptop. Both sites charge a commission fee for successful transactions. The downside to this option is that most new online sellers have a hard time selling because buyers would rather buy something from a regular seller with good feedback rather than from a new one with no reviews.


Recycling Your Toshiba Laptop

Other than selling on eBay and Amazon, you can sell your Toshiba on ECycle Best’s mission is to help save the environment by preventing electronic devices from going to landfills. Moreover, the transaction is safe and secure and you won’t even have to pay for anything. Every step is convenient for you. You can sell laptop in the comfort of your home.

Trading-In Your Toshiba Laptop

ECycle Best calculates the initial value of your laptop using its physical condition and current price. Just enter the laptop’s model and check the boxes that correspond to its condition. Based on the information that you provide, you will receive the initial quote. This quote is not yet final; it may increase or decrease upon the assessment of our technician. Once the examination is done, we will send you your payment via PayPal or mailed check. For more information about our services, please see our How It Works page.

We also allow trade ins if you decide to sell Samsung laptop with us!

Two Toshiba laptops and cash.

The Best Option

Think about this: A fast, safe, and easy way to recycle your Toshiba laptop while receiving cash? And you can earn more when you sell your Macbook Air with us!

ECycle Best may be the best option for you. We don’t want you to stress over a complex transaction. Moreover, we assure you that your laptop is safe with us. We are TRUSTe and VeriSign certified, and we are a member of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER), which fights for ethical electronic recycling in the US. For over 10 years, we have been making consumers happy by buying their old, unwanted, and broken devices that we recycle so that we can help save the environment.

eCycle Best will put cash in your pocket when you get a Toshiba laptop trade-in. We guarantee premium offers and quick PayPal. Send us your device for free when you get an online quote today!

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