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The E-Cycling Drive of Pinellas County (Infographics)

So how much has the world changed since 2010?


Well, in the past three years we humans have managed to make some impossible things possible. For one thing, the brainiacs of our generation have continually improved the way we use technology. From huge, bulky personal computers, we now have computing capabilities available right in the palm of our hands.


How big is this revolution, you ask? Here’s one interesting fact: In May 2010, studies by the Pew Research Center showed that only about 3 percent of Americans aged 18 and above owned a tablet PC. Only a year after that, the number grew to 8 percent. By May 2013, the number of people in America aged 18 and above who own a tablet ballooned to 34 percent. Tablet PCs are now not just used as handy entertainment hubs; they are now also becoming an important fixture in offices and classrooms. Many tech insiders believe that by the year 2015, tablets will finally surpass desktop PCs all over the world. The same predictions have been made for other mobile devices as well such as laptops and smartphones.


But how can this gadget revolution affect us and our environment? Just like every electronic device, a tablet PC can be a great danger to the world. With more devices manufactured, we are also at risk of adding piles and piles of old gadgets to landfills. And since these electronic devices are predicted to overpower the desktop PC, we can also expect a huge amount of monitors, CPUs and keyboards to be junked in the coming years. Are we prepared for the incoming volume of e-waste?


This is the heart of the mission for most green recycling companies like eCycle Best. And to be able to make a bigger impact on the world, local governments like the Pinellas County in Florida have also crea ted electronics recycling programs for their residents. Check out the infographics below to see just how much change the people from Pinellas County have created through their recycling programs.







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