Green Guardians Archive

7 Dec 2015

Simple and Real: Donna DeForbes’ Journey Towards Sustainable Living

00000 If you think that shifting to “Green Living” means adopting drastic changes in your lifestyle, then you haven’t met real people living, or trying their best to live, sustainably. Ask them how they do it, and
22 Apr 2015

Taking Care of the Planet in Style with Green Guardian Jean-Paul LaCount

There's always a chic way to take care of the planet. This week's Green Guardian Jean-Paul LaCount shows us his powerful mission to combine sustainability with chicness through his blog, The Chic Ecologist.
14 Apr 2015

Recycling Fashion like a Boss: Green Guardian Erica Louise!

Get to know the story of an aggressive sustainable fashion advocate by the person of this week's Green Guardian Erica Louise. Read on to find out!
6 Apr 2015

Celebrating the Happy Green Life with our Green Guardian, Susie Woodyet

Susie Woodyet of Second Hand Susie shares us the effortless and happy ways to do and live green. Read the full story here!
31 Mar 2015

Where the Habit of Recycling Isn’t Just Random: Lessons from Green Guardian, Emily Roach

A Boston mom and a Green Guardian in every sense of the label, Emily Roach shares us how she exemplifies green living and sustainable values through her actions and her own children.
18 Mar 2015

Building a Zero Waste Home with Green Guardian, Bea Johnson!

The story of Green Guardian Bea Johnson in leading a zero waste lifestyle and then building a zero waste home is a story that deserves listening to by anyone who wants to live truly green.
11 Mar 2015

Keeping it Green with the Willy B Mum, Green Guardian Libby Hobday!

Get to know the story of a stay-at-home Brooklyn mom, Green Guardian Libby Hobday of, and how she has inspired moms from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle for their families.
1 Mar 2015

From City Girl to Suburbanite: Meet Wellness Enthusiast and Green Guardian, Kelly Bonanno!

Get to know how our Green Guardian Kelly Bonanno's green living story is celebrated in between transition from city girl life to happily living in the suburbs.
18 Feb 2015

Wearing Sustainability and Beauty: The Sustainable Fashion Designer, Green Guardian Carmen Artigas!

Our Green Guardian Carmen Artigas shares her story of what led her to become a green fashion expert devoted to combining usability and beauty in our clothing.
13 Feb 2015

Green Guardian Katy Farber of Non-Toxic Kids: Helping Parents to Protect Their Kids from Toxins

We at eCycle Best are lucky to get to interview Katy Farber about her green lifestyle and website. Let’s get to know her more.