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Trading Your iPhone for BuyBack Money Why the iPhone Is an American Choice

Android fans may talk loudly of how worthless an iPhone is but the figures talk louder. In fact, recent consumer reports say that Apple is continually dominating the mobile phone industry especially on its own turf. From its low-balling sales earlier this year, the Cupertino-based tech giant now has people flocking into its stores to buy new, shiny iPhones. This quarter, Apple Stores accounted for 11% of all cell phone sales in the United States. Also, 25% of all iPhone sales were done inside Apple Stores and not through carriers or local retailers. This just shows how strong the brand is and how much loyalty people have for the iPhone.

iPhone, an American choice

What’s more, Apple reported that in the 4th quarter of 2013 alone, it was able to sell 33.8 million iPhone units worldwide. Imagine all those new Apple phones gracing the homes and hands of our fellow Americans. While this sounds great, what you should be thinking about is the amount of discarded old iPhones now living inside drawers and boxes. What will happen to these old iPhones? Does it make sense to recycle iPhone at this point?

Why You Should Recycle Your iPhone

Whether you like it or not, a thousand old iPhones will die every year. If your product sells well, the best thing you can do is produce more of this product. This is what Apple has been doing since 2007. Every year, either out of tradition or out of sheer innovation, the tech giant releases a new iPhone to add to its mobile phone line. In this process, at least one iPhone model will be discontinued because Apple needs to make space to supply the new demand it is bound to get. The thing is, the demand seems to be a constant variable for the tech industry every year.

Because certain models are discontinued, people find that their old devices are beginning to lose their market value, making them all the more unappealing. New features and hardware updates also compel a lot of tech geeks to abandon their old phones. This generates a new wave of the e-waste stream, a problem that has been persisting in the United States for years. To combat this—and also due to pressure from green organizations like Greenpeace—Apple created a recycling program for its customers.

Where to Trade InYour iPhone

In a nutshell, the Apple Recycling Program lets users send in their old devices for recycling. The company has a dedicated page for recycling that estimates the value of any Apple device. The estimated value will then be converted into an Apple Store gift card. This way, Apple customers can dispose of their devices safely while fueling their love for the brand by buying more items from the store. This means you can sell your iPhone 3GS- one of the oldest Apple iPhones- here and still get a decent amount of cash for it. 

There are also other ways to recycle iPhones and other mobile phones outside of Apple. Bidding sites like eBay and Amazon are good selling grounds for experienced tech hagglers. This is great if you are willing to advertise and pay commission fees for a good sale. Directory sites and forums like Craigslist are also great, albeit risky, ways to form networks and sell iPhones. Then there are recycling sites like eCycle Best that offer recycling services online.

iPhone for cash

How to Get Cash for Your iPhone

On, iPhones have a special page where even discontinued models are listed for recycling. ECycle Best sees value in all kinds of iPhones what with the heavy demand for Apple products in the country. The whole process can be summarized in three steps:

  1. Get a quote.
    Choose your iPhone’s exact model from the menu on the website. You will then see a quote for a mint condition device and you can toggle the check boxes to change the quote based on your device’s condition.
  2. Send in your device.
    Fill out the shipping form with your contact details. In 3-5 business days you will receive a free box and shipping label. Pack your iPhone in the box and drop it off at the nearest USPS center or blue collection box.
  3. Get your cash.
    Once the device reaches the Nevada facility, you will receive a call from our customer service department to finalize the sale. You can opt to receive your cash through PayPal or mailed company check via USPS First Class Mail.

Sell electronics now and make money out of your used iPhones. 

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