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Recycle Your ASUS Laptop with eCycle Best and learn ASUS' Environmental Advocacy

Among all computer manufacturers, ASUS, one of world’s leading electronics companies, is the best and staunchest supporter of environmentally-friendly devices. In 2000, the Taiwanese company started the GreenASUS project, which focuses on four Green Home Runs: Green Design, Green Procurement, Green Manufacturing, and Green Service and Marketing. Since then, ASUS continuously strives to become more environmentally-friendly as much as possible. In 2004, the company pioneered the world’s first lead-free motherboard and removed lead from all product lines. In 2009, ASUS became the first to launch a halogen-free product.

Two ASUS laptops in different conditions.

Recycling ASUS Laptops


In 2008, adding to the aggressive stance to help save the environment, a laptop design called GreenASUS concept design Bamboo Series notebook, was released: the ASUS N Series notebooks that has been awarded with the European Union Flower Certification. This only showed ASUS’s commitment to pioneer environmentally-friendly technology. The laptop uses biodegradable bamboo as its case, so the laptop itself is not only eco-friendly, but also trendy. It is a perfect example of green technology planned meticulously from its conception and production to its use and final end.

Sell Old ASUS Laptops for More Eco-Friendly Ones

In early 2009, ASUS began releasing the first laptops ever to have halogen free components like the motherboards, LCD monitors, graphics cards, and servers. ASUS has been doing its best to phase out potential threats to the environment using economically sustainable and safe substitutes. Because of this goal, ASUS became the leading laptop brand to promote sustainable green living and electronic recycling. The Taiwanese company lives up to its motto, “In Search of the Incredible,” without forgetting about the environment.

ASUS did not stop after producing halogen-free products. Knowing that electronic waste accounts for only 2% of space in landfills yet produces 70% of toxic waste, ASUS released the first Ecobook, which has less lead that most electronics. Lead is known to damage the nervous system, contaminate blood, and cause kidney failure. Moreover, the company promised that the Ecobook is 50% recyclable and that some of its parts, like the frame and trackpad, are made of biodegradable bamboo. Not only will the Ecobook line help reduce toxic waste, but they are also powerful laptops with a storage capacity of 640GB. The best thing is its price is the same as common Dell and HP laptops (just an aside, you can also sell HP laptop here!)

Get Cash for Your Old ASUS Laptop

One way to go green is by selling old ASUS laptops and getting the more eco-friendly Ecobook or Bamboo Series laptops. If you want to go greener, you can trust green refurbishment sites like eCycle Best whose mission is in line with that of ASUS: to help save the environment by preventing electronic devices from going to landfills. The great thing about this is that the transaction is safe and secure. Moreover, everything is free, so every step is convenient. You become green by recycling with just a few clicks on your computer.

Trading-In Your ASUS Laptop at eCycle Best

The process of recycling starts with you and ends with the help of eCycle Best. First, you just get a quote using the estimator on This is your initial quote. You are then required to fill out the shipping form so that the team can send you your free shipping box. Once you send your ASUS laptop to the eCycle Best warehouse, one of the technicians will inspect it and determine its true value. You will then be paid via PayPal or mailed check.

This doesn't mean we only accept ASUS laptops. You can sell Dell laptop as well. You're sure to get cash out of it. 

For more information, visit the eCycle Best How It Works page.

ASUS laptop and a checklist.

Why eCycle Best?

ECycle Best is one of the few green sites where you can sell laptop that does not just give out money but also encourages individuals to start caring for the environment through electronic recycling. Moreover, the transaction is fast, safe, and easy, so there’s no hassle. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be rewarded after recycling for the green cause? eCycle Best is Trustwave certified and a member of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER), which means eCycle Best follows the strict rules and regulations on electronic recycling and is monitored by credible officials. For more than ten years, eCycle Best has been pivotal to consumers who want to make green choices.

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