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Recycle Your Dell Laptop for the Best Price and Save Yourself from the Crash King of Laptops

Here at eCycle Best, we have found that users are more likely to turn in their Dell laptops for recycling than, say, an Apple MacBook or a Samsung laptop. Among all the laptops we have recycled, Dell laptops are the most numerous, numbering almost 17,000 compared to Apple MacBooks at six thousand and Samsung laptops in the low hundreds.

Most of the Dell laptops sold to us are plagued by crashing and boot problems. Not really the most reliable of laptops, eh?

Dell laptop with Blue Screen and cash.

You Might Want to Sell Your Dell Laptop

It is interesting to note that the laptops manufactured by Dell, the 3rd largest PC vendor in the world, are more likely to crash and display BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) than other manufacturers. In fact, most troubleshooting internet searches and complaints about crashing laptops are by Dell users.

The cause of all the crashes is still being determined, but some laptop experts are suggesting that the culprit might either be a faulty BIOS or a busted motherboard. While a BIOS patch can be quickly applied to avert future crashes, a motherboard replacement is only affordable if your Dell laptop is within the warranty period.

Imagine the frustration of users who are not covered by warranty anymore and have to shell out as much as a hundred dollars for repair. And it might even be more. The wisest thing to do right now is to read online forums and assess if your laptop is among the most likely to encounter BSODs.

If it is, then, by all means, sell your Dell laptop to a reputable seller before the motherboard dies.

And there are places you can go to when you want to sell laptops of any brand for cash. Aside from Dell laptops, you can sell Samsung laptop or an HP laptop and max out their cash value. 

Places to Get Cash for Your Dell Laptop

As luck would have it, users have a couple of options if they ever decide to sell their Dell laptop.

Sell it on eBay or Amazon. While security is paramount, these two sites charge a commission fee for every successful transaction. Due to the prevalence of scammers, long-time users are generally suspicious of new users, making it hard for new users to get started.

Try your luck on Craigslist if you don’t want to pay a commission fee. Be warned: Security is almost non-existent and scammers are everywhere. If you have previous experience selling your stuff on Craigslist, this is a great way to go. If you have never tried, then you’re better off not trying at all. You can sell Asus laptops, Dell laptops, Samsung laptops (or laptops from other brands) to a potential buyer and see how the transaction will turn out. 

Trade-In Your Dell Laptop

If you don’t need cash, you can always bring that laptop of yours to the nearest Dell store nationwide. They will willingly recycle your old laptop for free as per federal regulations on recycling. Don’t expect anything other than “Thank You!” though.

Or You Can Recycle Your Dell Laptop Instead

A much more economical and practical approach is for you to sell your Dell laptop on An e-waste recycling business, eCycle Best offers customers a practical, secure, and convenient process for you to dispose of your Dell laptop.

All you have to do is go to and ask for a quote. After asking for a quote and filling out the address form, all you have to do is wait for the free box we’ll send you in 3-5 days. Using that box, send your laptop to us. You don’t have to pay anything because shipping is on us!

Also, we reset devices back to their factory condition to ensure that there is no trace of private files. The money will either be delivered via mail (a company check) or deposited to your PayPal account. Or if you decline our offer, we’ll send your device back for free.

For your peace of mind, be assured that eCycle Best, has been verified by Trustwave. Furthermore, eCycle Best is also a member of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER).

Dell laptop and eCycle Best logo.

End the Crash King’s Rule

While Samsung is the Plastic King of Smartphones, Dell is the Crash King of Laptops. Will you wait for your laptop to crash, to display the BSOD and to become a very large paperweight? As a customer, you deserve better than that. The longer you hesitate in selling your Dell laptop the closer you’ll get to the day when your laptop will crash.

Do you want that to happen? For your laptop to suddenly crash and then display the dreaded blue screen? Or for your motherboard to be broken? Of course not….

You have to make the decision now. Get a laptop trade-in at today!




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