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You Should Recycle Your Old Sony Ericsson Smartphone Now

One of the many endeavors of Sony that really made an impact in the tech world was their partnership with Ericsson. Back in 2001, Sony Corporation, a Japanese electronics company, made a joint venture with the Swedish telecom company, Ericsson. This marriage produced so many great cell phones and smartphones in the market that has amassed a huge following.

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There were many factors that contributed to Sony and Ericsson's success. For one thing, Sony has always been known as a manufacturer of quality electronics that are not only effectively designed but are also very durable. This is clearly seen by looking at many of their cell phone series including the Cybershot mobile phones, the Fun phones, the Generation Web phones, the slider and swivel phones as well as the Walkman phones. These smartphones were released back in 2001 and were some of the best Symbian mobile phones. Sony rose from being a lowly company back in 2001 to being the fourth largest electronics company in the cell phone market with over 5% of the market share under its wing in 2009.

Another thing that boosted Sony Ericsson's popularity was its partnership with Google by bringing the Android operating system into their smartphones. This was clearly portrayed by their Series X smartphones, also known as Xperia phones. Smartphones like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, Mini Pro, Arc, PLAY, Neo and Active are just a few of the mobile phones that they have produced throughout the years. Today, despite the fact that Sony and Ericsson will no longer manufacture cell phones like these, these old smartphones continue to stand the test of time in terms of hardware quality.

The two companies decided to end the Sony Ericsson branding by renaming the company Sony Mobile Communications in February 2012. The said company now focuses on continuing with the Xperia smartphone brand while also branching off to Microsoft territory by incorporating Windows Phone operating systems on some of their new devices. Although the company remains afloat in the smartphone arena, former products like the Walkman and the Cybershot camera, as well as the old version of the Xperia line are now considered worthless.

If you have an old Xperia smartphone, you're now probably wondering what you should do now that the Sony Ericsson brand has been discontinued. Well, here's one great idea that you can actually try! Instead of going on to eBay or Amazon to sell your old smartphone in a small-time bidding process, why not go over to companies that buy old gadgets for refurbishment? Companies like eCycleBest, for instance, encourage all owners of old Sony Ericsson smartphones to sell their used and broken handsets to their site. You can sell Android phone here from any brand. 

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