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Sell Your Damaged Tablet to eCycle Best
Get Rid of Your Hazardous and Damaged Tablet

Hazardous chemicals are not only found in dumpsites and landfills. They can also be found in your desk drawers, in your backpack or even in the device you’re holding right now.

Your damaged tablet, with a few parts not working, is considered as e-waste since it no longer functions the way it should and you’re just locking it in your desk and you don’t use it anymore.

A damaged tablet and a tablet with a broken screen

A Damaged Tablet Is E-Waste

Just so you know, unused and unwanted tablets are considered as e-waste. They are a part of the mounting pollution problem that is affecting the world now, even as you read this article. That includes the manufacture of more parts, more tablets and the irresponsible recycling of electronics.

Damaged tablets are particularly more menacing because they already have a malfunctioning part inside their hardware. Users get exposed to these kind of e-waste through continued usage of said damaged electronics and because those electronic devices contain hazardous chemicals.

These chemicals are kept at a minimum and sealed by manufacturers due to federal laws. However, once a tablet starts to corrode or if the internal parts start to malfunction, those hazardous chemicals might break loose and get in contact with the person using it.

You don’t want that. Repeated exposure those chemicals can lead to health complications and even death.

If that scares you, then the logical thing to do have your hazardous tablet recycled. Since you’re also looking to buy a new tablet, sell your damaged tablet to add money to your budget. Here are ways you can sell it:

  1. Try Amazon or eBay. These online marketplaces are very secure for both seller and buyer. There is a commission fee for every successful transaction and credibility is highly regarded.

  2. Use Craigslist. This site is more open compared to the two above, yet has less security. Beware of scammers on this site.

Better Yet, Recycle Your Damaged Tablet

If you’re not keen on posting your ad online, you can always opt to recycle your device on Our e-waste recycling company, which is already verified by Trustwave, has been on this business for ten years now and will pay you cash for your damaged tablet. And yes, you can also sell dead tablet here. So that means, it is still profitable even if it's no longer working!

Simple yet safe, like Amazon’s and eBay, the process is as follows:

  1. Go to and get an initial quote for your device.

  2. Fill out the contact form with your location details. Depending on your location, the free shipping kit will arrive in 3-5 days.

  3. Use the protective box in the shipping kit to send us your tablet.

  4. Get paid: a check in the mail or a PayPal transfer for your money.

A tablet with a broken screen with dollar bills on top of it

You should head to the nearest retailer once you have the money and choose from the multitude of selections of new tablets. You know that you deserve a fully-working tablet. It’s not that hard, is it? Sell tablet today and make 

Recycle tablets for a good amount of money to eCycle Best- even if your tablet is damaged! Get a quote today to see our premium offer! Choose the trusted buyback company since 2002! Ask for your free shipping and packaging when you get an online quote!




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